Day 15 – Quiet – Mr Mouse #astoryinhashtags

16 Jan


Apparently we have a ‘rat’ in the kitchen. Neve is disgusted and has declared that she will not come downstairs until it is caught. Hmmm… it may be a very quiet week around here! #silverlinings

After surveying the evidence – I can report, that as the droppings are not much bigger than poppy seeds, we either have a rat with a rather serious bowel disorder or a very small field mouse #dramaqueen

Pat’s like ‘I should go to Bunnings and get a mouse trap’ and I’m like, ‘Dude what the rush? That mouse holds the key to our sanity! #clueless

Hoping the mouse will make an appearance soon. You know what I’m saying…#desperate

Pat: ‘She gets this phobic behaviour from you!” #notmyfault

Molly (in a quiet controlled voice): “Neve, Mr Mouse is your friend”. Neve leaves the breakfast table- screaming #Itried 

Molly: (By way of explanation) Well, I saw it on an episode of ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ where this boy had a phobia about going to the toilet right? And so the psychologist reads him this book – ‘Mr Poo is Your Friend’ and well it starts by saying…#tuneoutnow

‘Embarrassing Bodies’ is a show I would never watch #justtobeclear 

In the absence of a more positive parenting strategy, I have taken to falsely reporting the mouse’s appearance at regular intervals throughout the day.  #randomyeteffectiveparentingtips

Neve threatening to use excess furniture to create a barricade near the entrance of her room – a la ‘Les Miserables’ #lifeimitatingart #bringitonbaby

Stayed up last night to see if I could finally meet Mr. Mouse face to face. Thinking we might strike a deal. Help each other out. It’s only fair. He is living rent free. #winwin

Seems like Mr.Mouse has cleared off. #luckyhim

Perhaps we weren’t what he had in mind when he went looking for a quiet home, intellectual conversation, and tasty titbits.  #luckedout

Okay, so I’ll admit it! The food around here hasn’t been that great lately #holidaymode #lazy

Mr Mouse – no more talk of traps or poison. I promise. No more random screaming. (Can’t make a definitive promise on this one unfortunately) Please stay for the school holidays at least. #don’tgo

Sorry Mr Mouse. It really was good while it lasted. #peaceandquiet







  1. Von commented 8 years ago

    hilarious! Have been reading and loving your posts.

  2. Beth Cregan commented 8 years ago

    Thanks Von – I’ve loved devoting some time to my own writing. Such a great way to start the year.

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