Day 20 – Horizontal

22 Jan


No 67 on my list of ‘100 Things To Do in 2013’ is:

  •       Take a lunch break

Working from home has it’s perks. I don’t miss commuting to and from an office but with no work colleagues, I often work right through the day, eating my lunch at my desk. By the late afternoon, my mind is shrouded in thick fog. I crave fresh air and space.  Suddenly the kids are home from school and it’s all systems go for the rest of the evening. But this year, things are going to change. I am going to take a lunch break, even a short one.

This hammock, under our huge Lilly Pilly tree, is the perfect midday retreat. It’s shady. The chickens meander past, in hope of finding a few lost crumbs. And best of all, the wifi doesn’t carry down to the back of the yard, all that well. So I can’t read blogs or answer emails or play on Face book. So I just lie there and think. Or dream. Imagine if schools made lunch breaks compulsory for teachers. I’m finding that even a fifteen minute break is making a real difference to my spirit and my productivity. So in the name of nurturing our creativity, let’s bring back the lunch break!

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