Day 27 : My Friendly Monkeys

28 Jan


I’m not much of a seamstress. But I love homemade everything! So a while back, I took the plunge (with a little assistance from Jen at Soul Stitches) and made these little guys myself. These three monkeys are the main characters in a Balinese story titled, ‘Monkeys Who Boast Will Be Sorry’. They travel around with me to most of my storytelling gigs and are loved by all. It doesn’t seem to matter how old the kids are: three or thirteen, they still like to check out these monkeys when the storytelling is over. I recently turned up at a kindergarten, where I had been before and a little voice called out, ‘Hey look! It’s the monkey lady!” I took that as a great compliment!


Despite the fact that monkeys have caused me some stress over the years, I adore them. Once while camping in Baku National Park (Sarawak), the monkeys crawled into the camp kitchen, collected my tinned supplies and carried them off high into the surrounding trees. I got back from a walk, tired and hungry, only to find those monkeys, smashing my tins against the trees and noisily slurping up my sardines. There was I below, waving my fists up at them, and there they were up high, waving my cans of food, back at me. It was like a scene from one of my favourite childhood books, Caps For Sale!

When my cheeky monkeys aren’t busy travelling around and telling stories, they are quietly sitting on a shelf in my office, watching the day unfold. But who knows what they get up to at night?

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