Day 27 : My Friendly Monkeys

28 Jan


I’m not much of a seamstress. But I love homemade everything! So a while back, I took the plunge (with a little assistance from Jen at Soul Stitches) and made these little guys myself. These three monkeys are the main characters in a Balinese story titled, ‘Monkeys Who Boast Will Be Sorry’.¬†They travel around with me to most of my storytelling gigs and are loved by all. It doesn’t seem to matter how old the kids are: three or thirteen, they still like to check out these monkeys when the storytelling is over. I recently turned up at a kindergarten, where I had been before and a little voice called out, ‘Hey look! It’s the monkey lady!” I took that as a great compliment!


Despite the fact that monkeys have caused me some stress over the years, I adore them. Once while camping in Baku National Park (Sarawak), the monkeys crawled into the camp kitchen, collected my tinned supplies and carried them off high into the surrounding trees. I got back from a walk, tired and hungry, only to find those monkeys, smashing my tins against the trees and noisily slurping up my sardines. There was I below, waving my fists up at them, and there they were up high, waving my cans of food, back at me. It was like a scene from one of my favourite childhood books, Caps For Sale!

When my cheeky monkeys aren’t busy travelling around and telling stories, they are quietly sitting on a shelf in my office, watching the day unfold. But who knows what they get up to at night?

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