Day 4 – Cool Chicks

04 Jan

Forty four degrees in Melbourne today. I wake up hot…and worried. We’ve lost pets in weather like this. Chelsea, our gorgeous white rabbit, succumbed to this sort of weather on the day before her wedding to Peter Rabbit ( her childhood sweetheart) But that’s another story. We also lost Smokey – one of our chickens, on a day just like this one. So today, I am prepared. The dog is made comfy next to the air conditioner with ice blocks and cool water on request. And the chickens are bathed and their hutch hosed down. They are still looking hot so I go down to collect some ice from the local grog shop.

The guy behind the counter makes some comment about the weather. That hot wind is battling hard to blow down the last of his Christmas decorations.

“Cold drinks for the kids?” He asks eying off ┬áthe bags of ice.

“No, they’re for the chickens,” I say.

“Chickens? Ya having a little party today?” Instead of answering, I’m busy imagining my old girls sitting up in little striped deck chairs, sipping on chicken sized gin and tonics, even clinking their glasses. Sunglasses on.

He talks about how important it will be to keep them cold today and I agree. Then we have this sort of weird crossways conversation where he is talking about BBQ chooks on iced platters and I am talking about live chooks pecking around the backyard. It would have ended perfectly right there and we would have been none the wiser but he had to go and say something about hoping they tasted good.

“I’m not eating them. They are pets!” I say, rather taken a back.

Suddenly he went from being this kind old man to this weird guy who eats his own pets on hot days. No doubt he was starting to wonder about this random woman who takes in stray roasted chickens. There was this awkward silence before we both realised what had gone down and started laughing. I showed him a picture of Coco Chanel – my fav chook and we laughed a bit more. Cool.

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