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Day 31: Favourite: My Favourite Words of Wisdom

01 Feb

When it comes to great advice, I am not sure you can go past one of my favourite authors – Dr Suess! I’ve collected three of his quotes in this collage. I especially love sharing his advice with kids because … Continue reading

Day 30 – Sorted – Pinterest: The Great Escape!

01 Feb

  Despite my collection of de-cluttering manuals, I am not one of those naturally organised people at home. I have to work hard at it. Sometimes I have all the balls spinning up in the air at once and then … Continue reading

Day 29 – Hungry – Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

29 Jan

  Steve Job’s Stanford Commencement Speech is now over seven years old. I know it’s done the rounds on Social Media, especially after his death. Many of the quotes you see attributed to Steve Jobs,┬áhave come from this same speech. … Continue reading

Day 28 – Special

29 Jan

I first met Holly when she was a couple of days old and I’ve loved watching her grow up. Now she’s out there in the world making a life for herself. Not too long ago, she arrived in London to … Continue reading

Day 27 : My Friendly Monkeys

28 Jan

I’m not much of a seamstress. But I love homemade everything! So a while back, I took the plunge (with a little assistance from Jen at Soul Stitches) and made these little guys myself. These three monkeys are the main … Continue reading