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Hope, My Ten Year Old Self and Saving The Day!

12 Feb

    I love the way that old memories, neatly stored in dusty, cobwebby files, suddenly decide to make their way out into the open air, like they were there all along. To be totally honest, I’m not sure my … Continue reading

Day 30 – Sorted – Pinterest: The Great Escape!

01 Feb

  Despite my collection of de-cluttering manuals, I am not one of those naturally organised people at home. I have to work hard at it. Sometimes I have all the balls spinning up in the air at once and then … Continue reading

Day 26 – Comfy – Home And Away

26 Jan

When it comes to most things holiday accommodation, my kids say I am rather fussy. This is not entirely true. I have a set of ‘reasonable’ expectations, that always seem to be just that little bit too high to reach. (Or so I … Continue reading

Day 25 – Crowded – Saved in the Nick of Time

26 Jan

  I saw the prompt this morning and imagined I would get quite a few photo opportunities to explore the concept of ‘crowded’ today. After all, it’s the Friday of the Australia Day weekend and like thousands of our fellow … Continue reading

Day 22 – Loved

23 Jan

  If you haven’t discovered PicMonkey – a free online photo editing site, it’s worth a visit. Just click Create a Collage, upload you photos and start playing.