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Hope, My Ten Year Old Self and Saving The Day!

12 Feb

    I love the way that old memories, neatly stored in dusty, cobwebby files, suddenly decide to make their way out into the open air, like they were there all along. To be totally honest, I’m not sure my … Continue reading

Day 4 – Cool Chicks

04 Jan

Forty four degrees in Melbourne today. I wake up hot…and worried. We’ve lost pets in weather like this. Chelsea, our gorgeous white rabbit, succumbed to this sort of weather on the day before her wedding to Peter Rabbit ( her … Continue reading

Coco Chanel

26 Nov

  With her long legs and her gorgeous black and white plumage, Coco Chanel stands out in a crowd. Beautiful? Yes. Stubborn? Absolutely! She has never quite understood the simple relationship that exists between a hen and its owner. I … Continue reading