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Day 19 – Icy – The Truth About Best Friends

21 Jan

If the Art of Denial became a legitimate career, I think I would be called in to help write the course. You see, I am a dedicated master! But there was no escaping the truth when I saw this picture.

Day 18 – Delicious Still Life

19 Jan

Today’s post is short but sweet. Roses and fresh eggs. I definitely feel a pavlova coming on. But it is not yet here.

Day 6 – Delicate Flowers with a Distant Past

06 Jan

One of the things I like best about getting out into the country on the weekends, would have to be visiting country markets. Yesterday, we hit the jackpot. The Koonwarra Farmer’s Market when we stopped for breakfast at The Koonwarra … Continue reading

Day 4 – Cool Chicks

04 Jan

Forty four degrees in Melbourne today. I wake up hot…and worried. We’ve lost pets in weather like this. Chelsea, our gorgeous white rabbit, succumbed to this sort of weather on the day before her wedding to Peter Rabbit ( her … Continue reading

Day 3 – Sweet Memories

03 Jan

It’s hot today in Melbourne. On days like today, when I was a kid, we’d spend hours making whirlpools in our pool (an above ground Clarke’s pool, of course) and then we’d lie across the footpath to dry off. But … Continue reading