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Meet Jackie Kerin

20 Mar

I first made contact with Jackie when I joined Storytelling Australia back in 2010. We chatted on the phone and via email, sharing our passion for storytelling and writing. Then, one Saturday morning, I went on down to the Mentone … Continue reading

Day 27 : My Friendly Monkeys

28 Jan

I’m not much of a seamstress. But I love homemade everything! So a while back, I took the plunge (with a little assistance from Jen at Soul Stitches) and made these little guys myself. These three monkeys are the main … Continue reading

Diving into the Writing Process!

23 Aug

  This term, at ‘The Writer’s Club’, I really wanted the kids to dive into a single writing project and become fully immersed in the writing process – from start to finish. So our program involved  creating an action packed … Continue reading

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The Magic of Storytelling

18 Jul

Today, I spent half a day at McKinnon Primary School in Melbourne, telling stories. Tomorrow, I’ll have the chance to meet the two remaining Year 1 classes. The thing I love most about telling stories to class groups is the … Continue reading

Storytelling, Family Rituals and the Birthday Fairies

21 Nov

All you blogging parents out there – make hay while the sun shines because one day soon, your child will turn 13 and they will make you swear (on bibles and graves no less!) to never mention them on your … Continue reading