Day 28 – Special

29 Jan

I first met Holly when she was a couple of days old and I’ve loved watching her grow up. Now she’s out there in the world making a life for herself. Not too long ago, she arrived in London to do an internship at a design studio and has so far survived long hours, freezing weather, dark, damp afternoons, backpacking hostels and two pound meals. It’s a tough gig but if her Instagram updates are anything to go by, she hasn’t lost her self deprecating humour or her terribly creative (and rather quirky), take on the world. I so recognise this feeling…


But this particular image made a real impact on me.


It’s a note she penned to herself to place on her desk at work. She wanted a warm greeting, waiting there for her each morning. Such tender words. The poignancy of it knocked me off my feet. So I too, have taken to talking warmly to myself of late, saying things like, “What’s going on for you my love?” And “How about another chocolate biscuit my dear?” I can tell you, it’s such a refreshing change from my usual internal banter that I may never go back.

You can visit Holly’s blog and follow her on Instagram at hollyvanwho.








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