Day 7 – Quick – A Storyteller’s Quick Fix

07 Jan

Okay, so tonight I got home late, but believe me when I say that I’m fully prepared for the hoards of angry peasants demanding to be fed the polite requests as to what we’ll be having for dinner, that will start as soon as I open the door. Other mothers might be anxious about this sort of aggessive assault welcome but not me. You see, I have a secret weapon. And it’s not ear plugs (although they are my fallback position). It’s this book!

But what I’m not prepared for, is the surprise waiting for me at the front door. A parcel. I love parcels. More than life itself. Blame ‘The Sound of Music’. It’s that ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’ connection.

It’s from Laura Simms – an inspirational storyteller based in New York. Laura is a great writer and a passionate storyteller. There had been a mix up when I ordered her book online and it didn’t arrive. So she had sent me a gift as well as the book. And a handwritten card.

I could start chopping all the ingredients for this meal:

or I could pour a glass of wine and dive straight into my reading. It’s a hard decision no brainer. I need a quick fix. Real quick. Please be warned – if you do not like the idea of feeding kids salty, highly processed food, look away now.

I should feel bad but Mac and Cheese is so retro right now and besides my girls love this stuff delicacy from the 70’s. And who can resist climbing out from under ‘piles and piles of smiles’ when they serve up a meal? (Is that for real??) Dinner took approximately six minutes to prepare and even less time to eat. Which meant I was out under the trees, swinging in the hammock and enjoying a twilight reading session, sooner than you could say Jamie Oliver. Sorry Jamie O – I think you are totally cute in that ‘I just rolled out of bed and dreamt up this bubbly jubbly recipe’ kind of way but we all know your meals (delicious as they are) take longer than 15 minutes to prepare! So here’s to a night of storytelling magic. Thank you Laura Simms! It’s exactly what I needed. A quick burst of inspiration.

  1. Genevieve commented 8 years ago

    I love a woman who has her priorities in order. Such a fun post!

  2. Beth Cregan commented 8 years ago

    Thanks Genevieve! Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

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