Storytelling in Your Garden

03 Nov

Last weekend, when we planted out the veggie patch, I couldn’t help but look for stories lurking between the seedlings and plants. With some toy animals, recycled boxes and simple props like stones and water, your garden can host some exciting (and original) storytelling adventures!
Herbs and scented plants make great smelling props in your stories. This little princess, in her rose petal and lemon verbena bed, is feeling very sleepy…

In larger garden beds, use pavers to make winding paths through seedlings and plants. It not only provides a safe passage through the garden, but it encourages little people to get down and observe what is happening out there in the jungle.

What’s this I see? A lost and lonely cow wandering on the path? Perhaps he is looking for treasure..

Luckily, he is heading straight for Broadbean Forest – lots of tasty treasures to be uncovered there.

Have you heard of The Wizard of Oz? Well I am pleased to introduce his cousin (also green) the amazing Wizard of Broccoli. Piggy is bravely coming forward to ask for a wish. I wonder what she will be wishing for? Perhaps she wants to pick some veggies for her dinner tonight? (Now we’re talking…)
Or maybe she has come to see if the Wizard knows where she can find her good friend Cow. He wandered off some time ago, apparently in search of hidden treasure.

Piggy was so excited about meeting The Wizard of Broccoli that she trotted right past the mysterious Snow Pea Castle. She didn’t even realise that there is a baby princess fast asleep in there. Soon enough, the castle will be covered in vines. (That baby better wake up soon!) I suppose the dragon will help rescue that baby when he has finished having a good scratch.

Just a small piece of advice – limit the amount of props you take outside. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to packing up at the end of the day. So pack your imagination and a few magical characters and get out there in the sun. The Wizard of Broccoli is waiting for you! Who knew a veggie garden could be quite so entertaining?

  1. Ro commented 9 years ago

    I’m loving these garden pics!!!! Those broad beans look delish!!

  2. Beth Cregan commented 9 years ago

    Thanks Ro – I love using storytelling props you can actually eat!

  3. Ro commented 9 years ago

    Not the dog I hope ;-)

  4. Anna Kapnoullas commented 9 years ago

    I absolutely love this lesson idea. It would be particularly great if you had a literacy block at the end of the day, or a Friday afternoon, where the students are potentially not very interested, to inspire creative and engaged writing.
    Will definitely be using this in the future!

  5. Beth Cregan commented 9 years ago

    I agree Anna! It would be a creative and relaxing end to the week! I love anything that gets kids outside. It could also include children sketching a scene from their story or taking digital images to inspire future writing.

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