Believe In What Your Heart Is Saying

22 Dec

My favourite Christmas movie is on tonight – ‘The Polar Express’. Oh I know it’s cheesy and all that, but it has a special place in my heart. You see, a couple of years ago, the seed of an idea (which was later to become ‘Write Away With Me’) was slowly sending up shoots and unfurling its tender green leaves. Could I really do it? Buck the system? Give up my full time wage? Leave a promising job with a great bunch of people? Did I really have what it takes to run a business? One day I would wake up full of confidence and ideas. Then the next, I’d be sure that following your dreams was a fanciful ideal and that I should settle down and get a ‘real’ job. I wasn’t standing at the crossroads, instead I was sitting and waiting (rather impatiently, I might add) for someone or something, to lift me up, point me in the right direction and move me along.

I think my mum (who had passed eight years before) got rather impatient with this process too, so one afternoon, she decided to get the ball rolling. I usually find it difficult to sleep during the day but for some reason, on this occasion, I headed up to bed. Mum often makes her way into my dreams and on this particular afternoon, we were sitting together in a dark empty cinema, watching ‘The Polar Express’. The movie was ending and as she stroked my arm, she said that she’d have to leave but that I should stay and listen to the final song. The credits were rolling but I got up to follow her. “No,” she said gently, “stay here and listen. This song is for you.” Then she was gone. Just like that. And I woke up. I went straight downstairs and asked my girls if they knew what song played on the credits of ‘The Polar Express’. They shrugged their shoulders but together, we soon found it online – Believe by Josh Groban. I had seen the movie a couple of times before but I’d never really listened to this song. So I played it, cried a little and then got up. Quite literally. The crossroads had disappeared and I could finally see exactly where I was headed. I started writing a business plan that same night and ‘Write Away With Me‘ was launched at the start of the  2011 school year. Just like that.

I want to say a heart felt Happy Christmas to all the people with whom I have had the privilege to meet/work with during 2012, especially the kids. I’m so grateful for your support, creativity, generosity, humour, advice, inspiration and much much more. It’s been a fantastic year and because of you all, that small seed of an idea, has had the opportunity to grow and flourish. But tonight, you’ll find me curled up on the couch, enjoying a classic Christmas movie and toasting my mum, who despite the odds, still manages to reach me when I need her most.


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