Day 19 – Icy – The Truth About Best Friends

21 Jan

If the Art of Denial became a legitimate career, I think I would be called in to help write the course. You see, I am a dedicated master! But there was no escaping the truth when I saw this picture.

One of my dearest and bestest friends is leaving town.

In the beginning, I was totally swept along with the whole tree changing, lifestyle enhancing idea of her family moving to the country. I was genuinely high on the excitement of watching them get their house ready for sale. I might add that Chris is a master when it comes to styling interiors so I couldn’t wait to see how their house would come together and who would buy it. Every day, there were changes here and there and we’d, “Oooh,” and “AHHH!” The end result was breathtaking. We clinked apple ciders at the local Thai place, where we give the beef satay sticks, the curry puffs and the No 18 (No idea what it is called but it is the best thing on the menu!) a regular workout. And before I go on, let me set the record straight. Like me, Chris doesn’t want to try out every item on the menu and risk disappointment. She’s happy to sit in the same spot, work out the best items on the menu and then order those dishes for the next however many years. AND I LOVE THAT IN A GIRL! We get in. We sit down and then we start talking. No menu distractions. She also never raises her eyebrows, like members of my family (who shall remain nameless), when I order a double shot, extra hot coffee. She just smiles affectionately. But I digress.. Anyway, where were we? Yes, the sale of the house. It was all so exciting. Then, came the purchasing of the new home, which happened so quickly that it almost passed right under my ‘I don’t like things to change’ radar. More clinking of glasses all round. There it was on the Internet, a turn of the century brick home, with a veranda that overlooks their own botanical garden. Country bliss.

We started making plans about wonderful weekends away  in nearby country towns and long Sunday lunches. Every now and then, admidst the obvious excitement, I would feel this stab in my heart but as I am a fully qualified MOD (Master of Denial) I passed it off as indigestion. However as any MOD knows only too well, there comes a point in the process of denial, when the Truth, who has been sitting patiently beside you, suddenly stands up, grabs you by the throat and screams, “Wake up and smell the coffee girl! This gig is up. Things are about to change.” And that moment occurred when I saw that room full of boxes.

The Truth and I had a rather icy drive home that afternoon. I was silent but the Truth was doing that whole, “I told you so,” routine. “Life is full of changes. Blah. Blah. Blah.”

Since then, there have been tears and text messages. Hugs and promises. Pledges and presents. Chris is like one of those amazing instagram photo effects. Kids, husbands, families, work – seen through her eyes, it all looks that little bit brighter and more artistic. From the moment, I arrived home from hospital with Molly in my arms, she was there.  Oh the times we have in restaurants across Melbourne (well just three restaurants really, where we have narrowed down the best items on the menu naturally) sharing our lives. Births, deaths, conflicts, relationships (sorry boys!!) children, work, dramas and dreams – they all get a proper going over. And laugh. Boy, do we laugh. Our versions of family life, even the worse bits, always seem somehow hilarious by the time the No. 18 hits the table.

In five days time, a van full of their Melbourne life, will take off down their street. She’s heading to a new town. She has a new job and a new house. And a nice new outfit to wear on the first day. The universe has a whole new dream waiting there for her to unwrap. And I will get the chance to hear all about it. Every little detail.  Last night, as our families and friends shared dinner, I looked around the table and smiled. None of the things that really matter, will change at all. I guess the Truth was right all along.


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