Day 25 – Crowded – Saved in the Nick of Time

26 Jan


I saw the prompt this morning and imagined I would get quite a few photo opportunities to explore the concept of ‘crowded’ today. After all, it’s the Friday of the Australia Day weekend and like thousands of our fellow Australians, we were squashing most of our worldly possessions into a car and heading bush. But when the perfect photo opportunity arose, it was rather hard to get the right shot because both of our girls were alternatively whining and screaming about the lack of room in the back seat and how they couldn’t possibly be expected to fit in that space and did they have to listen to 774 all the way and did we realise that was probably classified as a form of child abuse…Unfortunately for us, this scene was taking place in the street, in full view of two of our neighbours who were standing on the nature strip. (Weird thing is, we hardly ever lay eyes on these two particular neighbours but they always seem to turn up in the middle of a family crisis. It’s like they have some sort of inbuilt radar). Anyway there they were, looking on with that pained expression I involuntarily wear, when I see toddlers throwing tantrums in crowded supermarkets. It’s a combination of empathy (Yes, I’ve been there) and relief (I never want to go there again!) To avoid further embarrassment, Pat took off in rather a hurry and I missed my photo. But sometimes, the universe has rather an amazing way of giving you exactly what you need! Three hours later, after hitting a pothole, blowing a tyre and doing considerable damage to the car, the girls and I got an unexpected ride to sleepy Sandy Point in this:


Suddenly the back seat of the car, which had been piled high with delicious food and vintage pillows, looked like a five star hotel. Now you’ll be crowded! I laughed. It took quite a deal of screaming and whining to get both girls in the back. The Police took off in a hurry but not before, I got the photo. In the back of the divvy van, Neve, was doing her best ghetto and criminal impersonations, storing all the details to share on ‘Facie’. We were laughing rather loudly, until a voice came over a loud speaker, reporting that they too, were  enjoying the floor show via the surveillance camera. More hysterical laughter all around.

When the police officers finally opened the door, Neve stepped out and said brightly, “Thank you so much for the lift in the divvy van. That’s something I can now cross off my bucket list!” The Officer chuckled.

It’s heart warming to know, isn’t it, that my teenage daughter has set such life affirming goals for her future? Oh the hits, they just keep on rolling…




  1. Virginia Lowe commented 8 years ago

    Well maybe she will go in one really, as my chidlren (as adult) when picked up for protesting – one in the old-growth forsts at Orbost, one trying to save Albert Park from the Grand Prix development (and tree felling).

  2. andrea commented 8 years ago

    Well that’s one for the record, literally! You’ve been recorded on surveillance TV! x

  3. Beth Cregan commented 8 years ago

    Now those sorts of divvy van rides, would make me quite proud really!

  4. Beth Cregan commented 8 years ago

    He did say he could play it back to us but I politely declined !!

  5. Emily commented 8 years ago

    What a funny post! Your writing is always so well done and inspires me to kick-start with my own. You seem to be doing so much interesting stuff these hols! How lucky you are to have a gorgeous family to spend it with. Take care xx

  6. Beth Cregan commented 8 years ago

    Thanks so much Emily – I’m always encouraging my students to use their own experiences as spring boards for stories so it’s been a great chance to take my own advice and write every day. I hope I can keep it up, in one form or another, once January is over.

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