Day 26 – Comfy – Home And Away

26 Jan

When it comes to most things holiday accommodation, my kids say I am rather fussy. This is not entirely true. I have a set of ‘reasonable’ expectations, that always seem to be just that little bit too high to reach. (Or so I have been told!) Hence the disappointment. Booking online doesn’t help. Everything looks great in pictures. Once we rocked up to ‘amazing’ place in Ubud, where the walls were actually mouldy glass and the girls were sleeping on the veranda. But not this Australia Day weekend. Apart from arriving in a police divvy van, this house is near perfect. And yes, my family all breathed a collective sigh of relief!

For one there’s a boardwalk leading to a secret writing space:


There’s a bookcase full of these:


So I am doing this. All day.



Except when I am sleeping. Or walking on this beach:


Happy Australia Day from Sandy Point. We really are incredibly lucky to be living in this peaceful part of the world.

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