Day 3 – Sweet Memories

03 Jan

It’s hot today in Melbourne. On days like today, when I was a kid, we’d spend hours making whirlpools in our pool (an above ground Clarke’s pool, of course) and then we’d lie across the footpath to dry off. But when my girls were little, a hot January day would often be spent, blinds down, sprawled out in front of the fan, watching episodes of Maurice Sendak’s ‘Little Bear’.  I’m not sure exactly what it was about Little Bear and his friends but the girls were swept away by their adventures and knew some episodes, line for line. (I say ‘they’ but the truth was, we all loved Little Bear.) Fast forward twelve years or so to January 3rd, 2013. Hot Melbourne day. Blinds down. Girls sprawled out on the couch…on their lap tops. Times have changed but something about lying around together in a darkened room reminds me of those ‘Little Bear’ days. I sort of want him back. So I make peanut butter cookies. (They were his favourite treat!)  It takes a while but finally the smell wafts up to the front room. “What are you baking?” Neve calls out.

“Peanut butter cookies,” I call back.

And just like that, they are both little kids again. They come running into the kitchen.

“Remember Little Bear. And Duck.”

“And Owl and Emily and what was the doll’s name?”


“Oh Lucy. I had forgotten all about Lucy”

I just listen. Memories are wonderful, musical things.

The tea set we used when they were little is well and truly gone but there’s my mum’s old china cups and plates. Sweet.

  1. Julie commented 8 years ago

    Lovely, the peanut butter cookies look delicious!

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