Day 30 – Sorted – Pinterest: The Great Escape!

01 Feb



Despite my collection of de-cluttering manuals, I am not one of those naturally organised people at home. I have to work hard at it. Sometimes I have all the balls spinning up in the air at once and then sadly, I lose my balance and they all come down, ricocheting off the walls and hitting me square in the eye. I take stock. Rant and rave. Clean up. And we start again. And that’s why I love Pinterest. My Pinterest world is made up of a collection of mood boards that echo my passions and dreams. In this world, my home is white washed and always organised. You won’t find images of  a laundry full to the brim or a dining table covered in text books. Life in Pinterest Land is perfect and picturesque. So if  like me, you’re an armchair dreamer and you haven’t discovered Pinterest: today is your lucky day! According to my Pinterest profile, I have 39 boards. (How did that happen? I thought I had kerbed my addiction a little…) I have many boards dedicated to Write Away With Me (writing and literacy activities for children) but if you are craving a little more organisation in your life, these links may get you inspired. Just click on any image you fancy and you’ll head to the original source of that picture, usually a website or blog post.

I also love collecting images of  creative office and work spaces. There is something sacred about peeking into a place where ideas come to life. Besides it might help me find ways of  sorting and storing close to one hundred storytelling props.

No money for a weekend away? No problem at all. Travel to Pinterest Land – it’s your perfect escape!



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