Time Out

08 Dec

When you work for yourself, it’s sometimes hard to switch off at the end of the day. Especially if your office is based at home – like mine is. Work and home. Home and work. The boundaries get a little blurry sometimes. And so does the inside of my head. But then, a few weeks ago, one of the mums from ‘The Writer’s Club’ (who is a qualified massage therapist) booked me in for a massage. And I can say without reservation, it was the best massage experience I have had! As I sunk into a cloud of warm and scented towels, my mind wandered along undiscovered paths and through wide open spaces, without a care in the world. I finally (if just for an hour or so) lost sight of my ‘To Do’ list. It was absolute bliss. But then a funny thing happened. A couple of hours after I got home, I was suddenly full of energy and plans and quirky ideas. Ahh – I had forgotten that in order to be creative, you need to let go. You need time to dream, wander, doodle and just plain, relax. It was a timely lesson to learn. At the start of each year, I usually create a theme or a slogan, rather than of a long list of resolutions. I had been frantically searching for a new theme but instead, it had chosen me.

Widen The Screen In 2013

It’s true. Some days, my view of the world gets very small as I hone in on the details and focus on what needs to be done. But next year, I want to widen my perspective a little. Open a window or two inside my head. Clean out a few cobwebs. Let in a little fresh air. Nurture my creativity. It’s funny but as soon as I experienced this ‘Aha’ moment, the universe, in her wisdom, sent me lots of options to consider. Suddenly I had all these creative ‘time out’ possibilities and I thought – why wait till next year? Let’s get started! So next Wednesday, the girls and I, have a private yoga session booked in our home (which is perfect because my body is quite stubborn when it comes to yoga) And I also booked a 31 day online meditation course (with one of my favourite instructors) starting January 1st, 2013. Thirty one days of meditation for $31.00! Bargain!

So just in case you’re feeling foggy and in need of a good spring clean (so to speak), I’ve included the links so you too, can devote a little time to nurturing your creativity. Wish me luck and I hope to see you in ‘time out’, some time soon! Just remember to carry around a notebook and pen to capture all your good ideas.

Meropi Massage : Meropi can be contacted on 0412 352 555. She has a beautiful massage studio at her house in Chadstone but she also offers a mobile service and will visit your home. Pure bliss!

Lotus Leaf Yoga  Jenni has a special on private lessons from now until 11th January 2013. Check out the website for details or like the Facebook page to receive information about this deal. Jenni also runs classes st various venues, including the Parkdale Yacht Club where the view of the bay stretches right out before you.

Quiet Mind Meditation This link will take you straight to the 2013 Summer Meditation e – course. I have done a meditation course with Sarah before and loved it but somewhere along the line, I let it slip… I can also recommend her Facebook page and subscribing to her newsletter. She is passionate about meditation and it shows – lots of valuable information to be found here.

NB: I was not sponsored in any way to write about the businesses I have mentioned above.  It’s simply an honest account of my experiences. However, I am on a mission to support local business during this Christmas season and I just love the fact that these three businesses are run by passionate women, sharing their expertise.

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