A Month Of Moments – Brand New Year

02 Jan

This January, I’m celebrating ‘A Month of Moments’ along with the Just B community.

Each day, I’ll use the prompt to celebrate the simple moments of our everyday life. The first prompt is ‘Brand New’. And yes, I know I’m a day late but yesterday I was busy painting and momentarily lost my laptop under a pile of washing (That’s true!!) But let me explain…

Some people spend their summer holidays lying in hammocks and reading books. Others relax over long lunches with friends. But it’s the same story every year at our house. Come January, we clean, de-clutter and usually redecorate a room or two. Coming up with the theme is fun, especially as our budget is incredibly low and requires lots of creative thinking. (January 2012 it was the girl’s bedrooms.) Procrastinating on Pinterest is even more fun, especially with a glass of wine. But once the cupboards are opened and their contents are released all over the house, I slowly start to lose motivation. I suddenly want the hammock and the long lunches. Then right about now, when the laundry is full of paint brushes balancing in jars of water, and the dining room looks like a pre garage sale, I always declare that I can’t go on. But like most things in life, you reach a point at which there is no turning back. I am pondering all of this as I paint the bookcases white to match the ¬†coastal theme for the front room. Why do we do it? But I already know why. A new year is an intoxicating chance to wipe the slate clean. It’s a brand new shot at living the perfect life. We want to start again. And to be honest, that’s not quite as easy as it sounds. But a ‘brand new’ sitting room – now that’s always possible. Come February, I know I’ll be sitting back, sipping champagne and patting myself on the back. It will have all been worth the pain and suffering. And it’s usually then that I realise that as we painted and sorted and cleaned, we also talked and laughed and sang. And somewhere, amongst the bags of rubbish, we’ll get the very chance we need to be renewed after all. Washed clean and ready to start a brand new year.

It’s not finished yet but here’s a sneak peek at our first project – our front room which is to be converted into a coastal inspired ‘reading room’. Wish us luck – we have a long way to go!

It’s gone from this

to this –


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