Be Your Own Self

07 Mar

At the moment, I am busy writing a leadership seminar for 12 year old students. I really want these students to ‘hear’ the voices of inspiring leaders and I thought this might just be possible by incorporating personal letters written by leaders to their friends and family. What might these letters (if they exist…)  tell a group of young students about great leadership? And so I went in search of this buried treasure amongst the trillion entries in Google, and as so often happens, before I knew it, a wonderful letter from Ray Bradbury surendipitously appeared in my inbox, courtesy of Sarah Wilson. You can visit Sarah’s blog . I loved this first letter and its wonderful advice for children and adults alike. Love what you love. Be your own self.

  1. Veronica Moran commented 10 years ago

    Love the idea of sourcing personal letters as a powerful teaching resource. Would love to hear more about the leadership course you are presenting

  2. Kerrie McLoughlin commented 10 years ago

    Wish someone had told me this when I was a kid of 12!!!! So impressionable at that age … I remember Diary of Anne Frank, The Outsiders and caring for a baby hardboiled egg. “Be your own self” would have been awfully helpful. It’s taken me til the age of 39 to figure it out!

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