How Do You Get A Writing Class Started?

24 Aug

Donald Graves was the guru of Process Writing. His books were once lined up along my desk. Yesterday, feeling nostalgic, I decided to reacquaint myself with this wise and creative man, to whom I owe a great debt. I found this wonderful (and short) interview with him on You Tube, where he talks about how to get a class writing.

I had almost forgotten, until I wrote that post yesterday, that during  writing time in my class, I would sit down and write, alongside the kids (usually on one on their tables). Sometimes when we shared our writing, mine would sing along happily and other days, it would barely limp and the words would sound all clumsy and wrong. But somehow when it came to writing, it felt like the kids and I, were all in it together. So take a few minutes out of your day, listen to Sir Donald and be inspired to get your class writing.

Donald Graves – on how to get your writing class started.


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