Musings on a Schubert Sonata in F# minor

26 Jul


I had a lovely surprise waiting for me at The Writer’s Club last night. Tate, one of our club members had a visitor staying with his family over the holidays. While Jovanni was preparing for a concert in Melbourne, Tate  captured some of the images that he could see and feel in this piece of music. Here is Tate’s poem. Such inspiring writing for a young boy in Grade 2! It reminded me just how wonderful it is to slow down and get lost in a piece of music. And that’s just what I will be doing this afternoon! I have included a link to this piece of music so you can do the same sonata_d_571.html Thank you Tate. I am still smiling!


Musings on Schubert’s Sonata in F# Minor ( For Jovanni)

By Tate Spencer Grunden 2012

Thinking of a butterfly flying peacefully through a light wind

Some bees, buzzing through a paddock searching for some flowers.

A sad miserable person, walking home through the rain.

A happy polar bear coming out of hibernation.

A lost man dying of thirst.

The people in the village coming back home after a terrible storm.

A badly wounded person being healed as if by magic.

The Titanic sinking.

The end of the dinosaurs.

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