Day 17 – Busy – Small Acts of Happiness

18 Jan


In the sweet days after Christmas, when the world almost grinds to a halt, I got busy compiling my ‘100 Things to Do in 2013 List’ from Leonie Dawson’s Workbook. I still haven’t finished it. At last count, I was up to  number 75. I love making lists. It’s crossing items off the list that I seem to find difficult. So I am pleased to report that I have crossed off a few things already.

  •      We went to Flinders for Molly’s birthday
  •       I sat in the hammock and read a book
  •       I’ve climbed a mountain at The Prom
  •       I took my dad to the movies

We went to see ‘Les Miserables’. It was the second time I had seen it and I still cried. How could you not? I’ve always thought of myself as quite a discreet ‘cryer’ but apparently not. When the movie had just about finished, Dad leant over and whispered, “Shall we walk out or swim out?” But of course, I hadn’t quite finishing crying, so I couldn’t answer.

But the thing I like best about making this list, is that it reminds me of all the things I love doing, like gardening and cooking and picnics and visiting the country. Small acts of happiness. Will this list inspire me to ditch the housework, shopping and paperwork (that sometimes seems to spread, over the entire weekend) and instead, get out and about in 2013? I hope so. I keep adding to it. It’s exciting. I do love a happy new year.


  1. Von commented 8 years ago

    I’ve got something to add to your to do list.
    Visit my sister at the Sunshine Coast !

  2. Beth Cregan commented 8 years ago

    That is on the second page of my list! Don’t you worry about that!

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