A Cup of Tea and Stories – Wednesday’s Storytelling Club

26 Apr

On the last Wednesday of every month at 1.00pm at The Mentone Public Library, I facilitate a storytelling club for adults. We meet, we share ideas and stories. We unravel our experiences and talk about our interests and passions. We listen to each other’s stories and hold them up to the light, examining them from all different angles. The Mentone Public Library ( totally run by a band of passionate volunteers) runs a very successful Author for All Seasons Program which I enjoy as a participant, so I was keen to give back something to this local icon and my community. Volunteering starts with a personal commitment, lead closely by the organisational nuts and bolts of planning and scheduling. At this early stage, the emphasis was on what skills I could offer and what program might be valuable. I didn’t realise how much the experience would enrich my life. What wasn’t apparent (at that point anyway), was how much I would in fact, receive, in return for just showing up. But I know better now. Each month, I look forward to coming together in that space and listening. And stopping to celebrate words and how they soothe and bind us together. Below is a response written by Carol, one of the library’s volunteer staff and a member of our group. I wanted to share it with you.


This is what I learned.

That stories are like footprints.

They tell us where we have been or where we are going.

And yet,

we often rush through them,

a task attended hurriedly

often sandwiched between ‘more important things.’

But then,

something magic happened when I listened to those stories.

My attention was firmly held.

I followed the path, Beth’s words laid down for me.

And the magic unfolded

as we explored what lies beneath the words

and what hides within the sentences.

The message and the importance of the tale revealed.

Through my participation,

new thought processes emerged

combining story with my experiences

creating a synergy

and that’s the magic.

By Carol French ( Volunteer at The Mentone Public Library)


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