The Universe is Made Up of Stories

21 Mar


I love the quote (above) by American poet, Muriel Rukeyser and as yesterday was International Storytelling Day, it is even more poignant. Oh sure, I concede that atoms and molecules exist but it’s our stories that bind and connect us to each other. In the end, it’s our stories that really matter. I owe my life to stories in one way or another. It’s how I make a living. And every day, I’m thankful for that.

I love the way a story (personal, fiction or any great story really)  engages your physical, mental and sensory channels – all at once. It takes you right into the moment. When you’re immersed in a story, you’re not only interpreting, sorting and visualising a complex pattern of facts  and information – you are feeling it. Anger. Sadness. Joy. Relief. Courage. It’s all there. That phenomenon we call – the human experience. There’s a certain vulnerability too, when you surrender to a story. You know full well, that once it gets under your skin, it will gnaw quietly away, forcing you to think or calling you to action. It can change your point of view and allow you to see the world in a totally different way. It can bring a long forgotten memory into sharp focus. Stories can break your heart wide open. They are powerful like that. Eventually, of course, the storytelling experience ends, and you bid farewell to the teller, but the story continues to live on inside you. Somewhere behind your mind’s eye. Or perhaps, tucked carefully into a crevice, close to your heart. Hunkering down. Just waiting for the storm to pass. Waiting for the time when you will reach in and bring it to back to life again.

Now I’d like to see an atom or molecule achieve all of that!

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