Celebrating International Women’s Day 2013 with our Writer of the Week

08 Mar


What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day 2013 than to showcase an up and coming Australian writer! Sarah loves writing, reading and drawing. She writes and illustrates her own stories and is totally up to date with self publishing. Sarah credits her mum and dad with her love of writing. The dedication on her last book reads:

“This book is dedicated to my mum who loves me and helps me find ideas. And to my dad who loves reading my stories.”

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce Sarah, eight years old and a passionate member of The Oakleigh Writer’s Club. She’s a writer, illustrator and author of many stories including the one she will share today – Tut Loses His Crown. This story was written during our ‘Quest For Adventure’ program. King Tut may eventually find the crown but the female characters in this story certainly save the day with their quick thinking. Sarah usually reads her stories with such expression and energy but today, I’m afraid, you will have to do that task for yourself. So to women everywhere, young and old – let’s celebrate each other’s achievements! Every single day.



Long ago and far, far away, across the sea, on a huge island called The Land of the Sphinx, in the palace, inside a bedroom, is King Tut. He wore a linen kilt, a golden belt, lots of jewellery and his crown. But one day, Tut lost his crown so he looked in the bathroom. He looked in his wardrobe and he even looked in the toilet room but poor Tut still couldn’t find it. He decided he would have one last look in the Throne Room. He looked everywhere but he still could not find his crown and he was frowning worse than ever. Tut frowned for many days and everyone is his kingdom did not feel very happy. They were sad to see King Tut like this.

King Tut asked his wife Nefret to help him look for his crown. He remembered that he went to a party at Mr Carter’s house and took his crown off there. Nefret asked her servant Phibi to go to Mr Carter’s house to see if he knew where King Tut’s crown was. Phibi ran to Mr Carter’s house as fast as her legs could carry her. When Phibi got to the house, she rang the doorbell. Mr Carter opened the door and said “Hello Phibi, what are you doing here?”

Phibi said, “Have you seen King Tut’s crown anywhere?”

Mr Carter said he had not seen the crown anywhere. He said good bye and quickly closed the door. Mr Carter said “Phew, that was close! I’m glad I put in the Pyramid.”

Phibi went back to the palace and told Nefret that Mr Carter said he had not seen it anywhere and quickly shut the door. Nefret had a feeling that Mr Carter was lying and felt sad because King Tut had known Mr Carter for many years and he had never lied to him before. Nefret told King Tut everything she had heard and Tut said, “Shall we go to the Sphinx and ask it for a clue as to where my crown is?”

King Tut, Nefret and Phibi had a five minute walk to the Sphinx. King Tut said, “Oh mighty Sphinx, may we please find the way to enter the Great Pyramid?” The Sphinx said, “You must push three bricks; one down, one on the side and one up.” They all went to into the Pyramid and got past the door. Luckily King Tut had the Crook and Flail of Protection so he could go past all the dangerous traps but there was one thing he couldn’t really get past. He had to  choose a symbol to get into the Archi-Chamber (the burial chamber).

In a room before the chamber entrance, a Shabti (a small carved servant) said, “Choose wisely for the symbol of life is what you need to get into the Archi-chamber. Many people have got it wrong and have been turned to ashes.” King Tut chose the Ankh and the Shabti said, “You may all pass”. Happy as can be, King Tut tip-toed into the chamber where his dad laid in his sarcophagus (coffin). King Tut said, “I will be able to manage it by myself now,” and his dad woke up and said “Who is in my pyramid?”

King Tut said “It’s only me and my friends Dad. I’ve lost my crown and I’m trying to get it back. Have you seen it anywhere?”

King Tut’s father said, “Yes I know where it is. Go up the ladder and you will find it.” Very happily King Tut found his crown and went back to his palace. Everyone in the Land of the Sphinx was happy again.

The End.


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