Day 10 – Wordy – Laika’s Story

10 Jan


One of the things I love most about January is that, although the girls are home from school, they sleep till late, so the early mornings in this old house are shadowy and quiet. I have time to read and write and to sit, tea in hand, chasing ideas. This morning, a new song by Will Wagner (of The Smith Street Band) kept me company. This song tells the story of Laika – the Soviet space dog who was the first animal to orbit the earth. Sometimes when it comes to words, less is more. Here, in this short song, words create vivid imagery and crack your heart wide open. Phrases, like ‘the sheer crushing empty’ ¬†will play on and off in my mind for days. It’s storytelling at its best. Just as the music started, Mac jumped up on the couch and lay his head in my lap. So there we were together, floating in space with Laika.

Here’s the link to this song – Laika by Will Wagner



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