Your Mountain Is Waiting – So Get On Your Way!

06 May

I’m taking part in an Instagram Challenge over the month of May (mainly as an incentive to discover what Instagram is and why it has captured the attention of all the kids I know, but also because it’s about books. What’s not to like?) Today the prompt was – Favourite Author. Now, really for a picture book lover (well actually an all round book lover) that simple prompt could keep me busy all morning. Once when my daughter asked my dad who was his favourite grandchild, he looked at her quite matter of factly, and said, “If I had to choose, I’d say the youngest! That way everyone gets a turn!” That’s how I feel about my favourite authors – they all get a turn during the course of a year. But one author has been with me all along. Dr Seuss! ‘A Fly Went By’ was the first book I can remember reading independently. (It was actually written by Mike McClintock but it’s still Dr Seuss to me!!)  I stood proudly in the kitchen and read it aloud to Mum, who then promptly asked me to repeat the show for Dad. He was impressed so Nana got to hear it too. Celebrations all around. I was part of ‘the club’. I was all growned up. I could finally read. And I do think that sort of memory deserves a little extra loyalty!

And by far, the Dr Seuss book I love the most, is ‘The Places You’ll Go’. Doesn’t matter what age you are – it has a message for you. And it’s the perfect book for a cold Monday morning, when one might need a nudging reminder to get out there and move mountains. I love this animated version too (below). It doesn’t include the full book but it certainly includes the highlights. So if like me, the weekend has left you slightly flattened – this is the perfect anecdote. And just remember…

Kid – you’ll move mountains.

Today is your day.

Your mountain is waiting.

So get on your way!

And if this doesn’t work, (though I am sure it will), I’d opt for a warm bowl of milky porridge, laced with honey and toasted almonds. Or perhaps do both. I’m eating my porridge as I write and I can report that I’m feeling better already. (Although I may need a little dark chocolate with my morning tea…)

Enjoy. Happy Monday!

Favourite authors? Want to share? Leave a comment or better still, join in the challenge. It’s not too late to start.


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