A selection of testimonials I have received from teachers and students I have worked with.

A hugethank you from all the Prep students, especially those from my class Prep JE, for visiting us today. The kids absolutely loved it and can’t wait to get writing.Hopefully I will be able to send you some great stories that the children have written.Thanks again,Jenni Entwistle – Prep teacher
Thomas Mitchell Primary School
Endeavour Hills, VIC

I see a real difference in their engagement levels (in regards to writing). Your sessions give them a jumpstart. They feel like they have some writing tricks up their sleeves and this inflates their confidence.Natasha Menidis (Year 3/4 Teacher)
Dear Beth,I would say the look of awe on the children’s faces says it all – they were absolutely enchanted!Beth captivated even the most active children with her animated storytelling and imaginative use of props.Thank you for an excellent performance Beth.

Teresa McCann, Director
Oakleigh Primary School Kindergarten
Oakleigh, VIC

Beth presented a series of four consecutive workshops for our Prep classes in 2010. The workshops were based on a literary theme or story and focused on developing our studentʼs creativity and thinking skills. The energetic and bubbly Beth certainly provided our Preps with a fun way to explore literacy concepts. They were encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to solve problems that were presented in an enjoyable way. The ʻno right or wrongʼ environment that Beth created, allowed our students to feel safe and they had the confidence to speak out and share their responses. Well done Beth! We looking forward to having you visit us again this year!Melinda Kinnibururgh
Oakleigh Primary School
Oakleigh, VIC
Dear Beth,Thank you so much for coming to our school and doing your story telling workshop with our preps – they haven’t stopped talking about it since. Your obvious love for children and literature had almost 60 preps engrossed for well over an hour.As a new teacher to the industry being involved in your session was like professional development for myself. The suggested ideas you provided about how we can integrate story telling into our classroom were really useful. My class is now telling oral stories frequently and we are starting to write them down. Thank you for giving me the confidence and skills to introduce narratives to prep children.The packs you supplied each child were sensational. The puppets and notes prompted the children to re-tell your stories to each other and the kids had a fabulous time changing your stories to make them their own. Further to this the children were able to use the puppets to re-tell your stories to their families at home.

I would highly recommend your workshops to any class wanting to explore story telling and writing. Thank you for sharing your passion for stories with our preps.

Kind regards,

Jeanene Booth
Thomas Mitchell Primary School
Endeavour Hills, VIC


Thank you so much for having Charlotte in your group this term.I don’t think you are aware of what an achievement this has been for her. This is the first extra curricular activity Charlotte has been willing to commit too and we have had absolutely no trouble convincing her to see out the term.She would love to continue on next term so could you please add her to your list.

Parent of one of the members of ‘The Writer’s Club’

I have been thrilled that, after hardly writing a thing first term, my son has steadily become more engaged each week this term at The Writer’s Club. I can’t believe he actually finished something in class last week! I think that you are providing a fun and stress free environment where his creativity is being stimulated. The environment that you create has led to him becoming more willing to share his ideas and have a go at writing them down. Thank you for the great classes!

Fiona Phillips

Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome incursion at the Wesley Holiday Program last week. All the kids were so engrossed and really enjoyed the workshop. The feedback was amazing!  Thank you again – Sharon

I am so excited that you are able to come again and present workshops at our school.  The teachers and students will get so much out of it.  FYI one of the little boys that came to your session last year, a reluctant writer with great potential, went back to class and said that was the best thing he had ever done.  It brought tears to my eyes – THANK YOU.

Colleen JarrettBurke ( Carey Grammar)