Storytelling and Literacy for The Early Years

Pack your imagination and come on board a literary storytelling adventure… Childhood is a time full of stories. Write away With Me offers interactive storytelling workshops where children not only share a love of language and literature, but are actively encouraged to develop their own storytelling talents! Workshops include a combination of oral storytelling, drama, performance skills and poetry and can be tailored to your group of children. Oral storytelling engages children in a fun filled and imaginative learning experience where both the teller and the listener create something magical.

Storytelling Workshops

  • Stimulate communication skills
  • Develop a child’s confidence and self esteem
  • Provide opportunities for creative self expression
  • Encourage thinking and cognitive skills
  • Explore a range of literacy concepts in an imaginative and enjoyable way

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What’s on Offer

All workshops include:

  • Teaching notes linked to the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework (V.E.Y.L.D.F)
  • Original stories developed specifically for our workshops

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Storytelling/Literacy Workshops

Storytelling/Literacy Incursion tailored to meet the developmental needs of children from Early Childhood to Junior Primary level. It is possible to book a single storytelling workshop or a series of sessions which can build and develop skills further.

Storytelling After Dark

Invite your group back in their pyjamas to enjoy a night of storytelling hosted at your kindergarten or school. This is a great activity for school sleepovers!

Parent Workshops

Beth presents parent workshops relating to literacy and language skills and the importance of storytelling within the family environment. Consider this for your next AGM or parent Information Sessions.