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Storytelling and Creative Writing

In the course of my week, I am in schools and kindergartens presenting storytelling and writing workshops, as well as teaching twice a week at ‘The Writer’s Club’. Over the last years and especially in my role as Director of Write Away With Me, I have discovered many ways to inspire the next generation of writers and how we can help facilitate this wonderfully creative process. I often receive emails with questions relating to writing and literacy skills. I started collecting these questions and they have formed the basis of a series of articles found in our monthly newsletter. In this Ebook, you’ll find some of the most popular questions discussed.

Random Words

Last term, each member of The Writer’s Club each received a set of ‘Random Writes’ This little box of random words is pure writing inspiration. I’m not sure exactly where I first came upon this idea but I have been using it for a while now. The only real rule with this writing game is to keep writing – no matter what! Read the blog to discover a whole host of creative ways to use this random word list.