Storytelling Workshops From Kindergarten to Primary

Pack your imagination and come on board a storytelling adventure…

Childhood is a time full of stories. ‘Write away With Me’ offers interactive storytelling workshops where children not only share a love of language and literature, but are actively encouraged to develop their own storytelling talents! Workshops include a combination of oral storytelling, drama, performance skills and poetry and can be tailored to your group of children.Oral storytelling engages children in a fun filled and imaginative learning experience where both the teller and the listener create something magical.


 All workshops include:

  • Detailed fact sheet relating to your workshop including listing objectives and expected learning outcomes as well as hints for preparing your child for workshop
  • Teaching Notes provide follow up activities and ways to bring storytelling into your learning environment.

Storytelling Workshops:

  • stimulate communication skills
  • develop a child’s confidence and self esteem
  • provide opportunities for creative self expression
  • encourage thinking and cognitive skills
  • explore a range of literacy concepts in an imaginative and enjoyable way

Three ways to offer storytelling workshops to your students!


3Y: Three Year Old Kinder Groups
4Y: Four Year Old Kinder Groups
P: Prep
J: Juniors – Years 1-2
M: Middle School – Years 3-4
S: Seniors – Years 5 -6

Storytelling After Dark

Invite your group back in their pyjamas to enjoy a night of storytelling hosted at your kindergarten or school. This is a great activity for school sleepovers!

Storytelling Sessions ( Primary only)

These hour long sessions can caters for up to 60 primary aged children and celebrate language, immerse children in stories and encourage them to enter into the world of their imagination. The content of these storytelling sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your students and your program. Let us know your theme or topic and we can pick and choose stories to match this. Please note that due to the larger group numbers, these workshops do not include small group storytelling games and activities.
This opportunity is only offered within the storytelling workshops.

Storytelling Workshops: ( Early Childhood/Primary)

These workshops cater for groups of up to 25 children and can vary in time depending on the age of your students. Due to the smaller group sizes,we can allow for some partner and small group storytelling activities which allow children to develop oral language and storytelling skills. With primary aged children, these sessions can provide many writing opportunities to follow up in class.

Choose Your Storytelling Workshop

Workshop 1 – Animals Everywhere

3Y, 4Y

Animals Everywhere is an interactive storytelling workshop combining oral storytelling, poetry, singing and drama to enable preschool children to jump right off the deep end and swim around in their imagination. Along the way, we’ll meet three monkeys who learn an important lesson about treating each other nicely and a dog who won’t stop barking and go to sleep. (Perhaps we’ll need to make a little magic to help him!) We’ll even help Mr Frog as he sets off on an exciting adventure to find a new home.

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Workshop 2 – A Year is Round

3Y, 4Y

This workshop will have children immersed in story as well as up on their feet as we celebrate the seasons and explore what we love most about summer, autumn, winter and spring. Traditional tales such as The Lost Mitten will combine with original stories, songs, rhymes and more as we travel in and out of days and around the whole year.

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Workshop 3 – Down the Garden Path

4Y, P

Come spend a magical day, meeting some of the characters that dwell at the bottom of the garden. Youʼll meet a poor mummy who is trying her best to hide Mollyʼs dummy but those naughty fairy babies seem to find it every time! Will they finally decide to stop causing havoc and help Mum solve her problem? Youʼll go on a adventure with ʻLittle Gnomie Red Hatʼ and ʻLittle Gnomie Yellow Hatʼ, two best friends who just happen to love soccer and Vegemite. Thereʼs grandma and her cat plus much more until itʼs finally time to say goodnight. Shhh…Mother kookaburra is trying to get her baby birds off to sleep at the end of a long day… but unlike their mummy, they donʼt seem to be all that tired.

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Workshop 4 – Fairy Tale Adventures

P, J

This storytelling workshop explores the fairy tale genre and includes a broad range of stories from traditional yarns, fractured fairy tales, contemporary twists and improvised storytelling. In this workshop, Sleeping Beauty – The Musical meets The Autumn Leaf Man, who when he sees a compost bin runs as fast as he can! We explore stereotypes, introduce Kamishibai ( an ancient storytelling technique) and then work together to create a wacky improvised story which your class can make into a book.

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Workshop 5 – Around The World on a Magic Carpet (Folk Tales)


Where shall our stories take us today?
Will you board the magic carpet?
What do you say?
Shall we stop in Africa where the drums are beating?
And trick a monkey who’s set on cheating?
What advice will you give the stonecutter in ancient Japan?
Can you see Little Pear? What’s in his hand?
Where will our stories take us today?
Will you board the magic carpet?
What do you say?

Jump aboard the magic carpet and through the magic of storytelling, we’ll travel the world together. You’ll meet a host of inspiring characters and dine on a feast of traditional folklore (traditional tales, songs, proverbs and more) in exotic destinations such as Africa, India and China — just to name a few!

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Workshop 6 – Spinning Yarns or Storytelling 101

J, M

This workshop combines a smorgasbord of stories from personal narrative to folk tales, drawn stories, string stories and possibilities for role play. There’s something for everyone! We’ll cover many of the basics of telling a good story including narrative structure, building suspense and interest. Then, in our open mic section, students will have the opportunity to plough the field of family memories and plan/tell a quick story to the group.

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Workshop 7 – The Call of Adventure ( Coming soon)

M, S

Workshop 8 – The Road to Greatness ( Coming soon)