Term 1 @ The Writer’s Club (Oakleigh) 2019:

Hello Writer

‘Hello Writer’ aims to get young writers writing more confidently, more often. Writing is fun. (At least it should be!) Rather than ‘Hello Writer’ being a once-off program, I want to show writers how they can set up a home writing practice and stay inspired and motivated long after the course is over. To this end, students and families will be able to download resources and activities to try at home. There is an old saying that charity begins at home. So does creativity!

Program Details

When: 13th March, 20th March, 27th March and 3rd April

Time: 4.15 – 5.45pm

For: Writers in Year 3 – 6.

Where: Oakleigh Primary School (Library)

What’s On Offer: 4 x 90-minute workshops plus activities and resources to download each week.


‘Hello Writer’ takes writers on a journey through the creative process and sets them up for success. The act of writing connects our hands, head and heart. Writing is a powerful tool for communication, self-expression and creativity. I’ve carefully chosen writing prompts to inspire and encourage the creative writer in your child. Each week as well as exploring both personal and imaginative writing, we’ll take time to reflect and share our experience of the writing process, so we begin to understand our natural writing tendencies and behaviours. There is no set blueprint for creativity, so it’s essential for each writer to develop a process that works for them. There will be plenty of time for discussion because I know writers learn so much from listening to each other and working together. I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for writing with your child.


Hello Writer is open to young writers in Years 3 – 6.

  • We allow for plenty of interaction and the opportunity to work on our stories during our time together however a small amount of homework may be required between sessions.
  • Group sizes are limited to allow for plenty of interaction and the opportunity to workshop ideas.
  • Activities are open-ended and cater for a range of writing levels.
  • Students are encouraged to submit their writing for feedback and editing assistance during the program.

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