Term 2 @ The Writer’s Club 2017

Living Statues: Bring Your Story To Life

What happens when you take a statue and bring it to life in a story? During Term 2 at ‘The Writer’s Club’, you’ll write, edit and publish your own original short story. It’s easier than you think! First up , we’ll visit ‘The Gallery of Living Statues’. Here we’ll find all the inspiration we need to get our story started. With the help of an age old storytelling technique called ‘The Rule of 3′ we’ll plan and plot our story. (Believe me, this simple storytelling structure will open your eyes to story writing). We’ll cover all the essential elements you’ll need to write a great story.

Along the way, you’ll discover how to:

  • create a setting
  • develop a character
  • plot and plan a story
  • write great beginnings and endings
  • build tension and suspense
  • use imagery and descriptive language
  • make you adjectives and verbs sing

Each week, you’ll complete a part of your story, until finally your tale is complete. So join us this term as we develop amazing characters and spin a little storytelling and writing magic!

This program includes a $4.00 materials levy. This levy includes:

A natural covered binder that an be decorated to keep handouts/ writing schedule together. We will also use this binder o publish our finished draft. Our levy also includes paper and plastic envelopes to protect activities. This can then become a valuable resource for future writing adventures. 


 Program Details

  •    Oakleigh PS on Wed afternoons:  May 24th – June 28th 2017
  •     Oakleigh Venue: Oakleigh Primary School, 20 Warrigal Rd Oakleigh 3166
  •     Children can arrive from 3.30pm for storytelling and chats
  •     Workshop starts at 4.15pm – 5.45pm
  •     Some writitng is required at home between workshops.


More Info And Booking Details Here