Flip The Switch!

31 Mar


Welcome to Monday’s Muse! Every Monday morning of the school term in 2014, Write Away With Me posts a writing and/or storytelling activity that you can try with your class or your children at home.

Often we approach writing tasks in a similar way. We rely on our bank of favourite words. We stay in our usual style groove. Perhaps it’s time to flip the switch. (I love a writing activity that forces us to try something new!)

On Saturday I went to a great writing workshop with Jane Godwin and Devina Bell – talented children’s writers and senior editors at Penguin. We tried this writing task and I loved it. So here it is to try it with your students this week.

Ask your class to complete a piece of writing describing a storm without using the letter ‘E’. Suddenly they have to shake up their imagery and stretch their vocabulary. It becomes  a puzzle to solve. A chance to play with words.

Here’s my version:


Rain drops fall.

Coat flaps fly.

Jolts of light.

In a dark dark sky.

Air is still.

Clouds push past.

Wind howls.

Run fast.

Happy writing!

After 25 years teaching experience, from Early Childhood to VCE, Beth Cregan combined her passion for books, writing and storytelling to launch ‘Write Away With Me’. Now in its fourth year, Write Away With Me offers a wide range of original and creative storytelling and writing workshops across Victoria. Our high energy workshops cover a wide range of writing styles/genres and a flexible approach, means we can tailor the experience to match the needs of your students and your school. Interested in booking a workshop for your class? Check out our range of storytelling and writing workshops today! Workshops for secondary classes and professional development are also available.



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