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04 Apr

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Adam Wallace is an engineer turned Primary School teacher turned children’s book author. With 30 published books out in the big wide world, Adam enjoys spending his days writing, drawing, taking workshops, and having the occasional siesta. And on April 11th, Adam Wallace will be one of our guest presenters at The Writer’s Masterclass! So all you young ‘Masterclassers’ – come prepared to write, draw, create characters and generate lots of ideas for your future writing projects. When I think ‘Adam Wallace’ – I think ‘high energy’ and his workshops will definitely reflect this! So want to get to know Adam a little better? Read on…

 Where is your favourite place to write?

Anywhere an idea hits me. I write anywhere and everywhere, even in the car at traffic lights, but most of my writing is done at my computer with the early morning sun coming through the window.

 Who is your favourite author?

Hmmm, well, my favourite children’s authors are Andy Griffiths, Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss – I can’t split them. I also love Stephen King and Malcolm Gladwell.

What is one of your most vivid childhood memories?

Getting my finger caught in a train door and nearly cutting it off. Or getting hit in the head with a golf club and getting 7 stitches. Yep, painful memories!

Name one essential item you keep on your desk.

My computer! And a tennis ball in case I need a distraction.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

Laughter … and a heartbeat.

What was the best birthday present you ever received?

Last year I went to America for my birthday, and I got given a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon as a present from my wife … that was AWESOME!

Characters in stories sometimes have special talents or powers. If you could choose an amazing talent or power for yourself, what would it be?

Flying or invisibility, or the power to make people do weird dances in embarrassing situations.

How do you collect and organise your story ideas?

I usually do it as I write, but if I am out I will put notes in my phone, and I always try and have a notebook with me to jot down ideas. I also do storyboards, and I also keep a copy of every single thing I write down, so that the ideas are always there on my computer.

What is the best thing about becoming a writer? 

Being able to write! And being able to encourage other people to write. And being able to take a siesta every now and again. And being able to not have to work in a suit in an office. And being able to put all these ideas and stories and jokes I have into something that will hopefully entertain heaps of people. And I will stop there because I could go on for a while, it is the best thing ever!

What do you find most challenging about being a writer?

When I have a really great idea, but when I write the story it doesn’t come across as I imagined it.

Your favourite all time meal is placed on the table in front of you. What is it?

Ooooh, chicken schnitzel and gravy.

Thanks Adam! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to ‘The Writer’s Masterclass’! Adam will have signed copies of his books on sale on the day. Unfortunately this series of The Writer’s Masterclass on April 11th is now fully booked but our next series is already taking shape. JULY 11th – SAVE THE DATE!! The Writer’s Masterclass – Series 2, 2013. If you are not already on our data base but would like information about this upcoming program, head to the homepage of this website and sign up for our newsletter.

In the meantime, head on over to Adam’s Website and check out his home grown movies ( funny) and his books. He is always up to something interesting!

I don’t know about you – but I can’t wait until next Thursday!! Let the creativity and the writing begin!



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