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23 Sep

The Writer’s Masterclass is just around the corner! On October 3rd, George Ivanoff and Wendy Orr, will inspire us with their ideas about writing, their journey to become published authors and of course, their books! Today on the blog, we meet George Ivanoff and learn a little about his Gamers books. Our guest authors will have their books for sale on the day and all books can be signed at the end of the day. Our day starts with an Authors Question and Answer Panel, so please bring along your questions for George and Wendy to answer. And now, it’s over to George!

George 002

Hi! My name is George, and I’m an author. That means I write stuff — lots of stuff. Books, articles, short stories, reviews, blog posts. Seventy-one books published so far, and more on the way. Everything from school readers to non-fiction reference books; from novels to a short story collection. Like I said… lots of stuff!

I’m best known for my Gamers’ books. These are action/adventure, science fiction novels set inside a computer game world. The first book, Gamers’ Quest, introduces readers to Tark and Zyra. They are teenage thieves living in a strange world where magic and technology coexist. They also happen to be characters in a computer game… but they don’t realise it. They think that the computerised world they live in, is the real world. Want a glimpse into the word of this book? Here’s the computer animated book trailer…

In the second book, Gamers’ Challenge, Tark and Zyra know that they are inside a game. And they want out. Teaming up with a group of other characters who are trying to escape, they go in search of The Ultimate Gamer, the only character who knows the way out. But there’s something trying to stop them… a powerful computer virus, intent on devouring everything in its path. Check out the trailer…

The third and final book, Gamers’ Rebellion, came out in July this year. In this book, Tark and Zyra finally get out of the game and meet the Designers. But the real world is not quite what they expected and the Designers have some sinister plans. They soon find themselves part of a rebellion, both outside and inside the game. And YES, you guessed it, here’s the trailer…

I’m working on a brand new book at the moment. But it’s TOP SECRET, so I can’t tell you about it!

I’m looking forward to running sessions at the Write Away With Me school holiday Writes’ Masterclass. Do you love creative writing? If you come along, you’ll find out a bit about where I get ideas and how I turn those ideas into stories. And you’ll get the chance to do some writing as well. Should be lots of fun.

If you want to find out more about me and my writing, check out my website:

Catch ya later, George

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