Monday’s Muse: What Do Music and Writer’s Voice Have In Common?

17 Feb

Welcome to Monday’s Muse! Every Monday morning of the school term in 2014, Write Away With Me will post a writing and/or storytelling activity that you can try with your class or your children at home.

This term at The Writer’s Club, we’re discovering and developing our writer’s voice – that magical element that can really make a piece of writing sing. Learning to trust your writer’s voice doesn’t just happen. Writers ( especially young writers) need plenty of opportunities to experience and experiment with ‘voice’.

Firstly how do your recognise writer’s voice ?

In any piece of writing, the voice shows:


  • the personality of the writer
  • contains feelings and emotions – sometimes conveyed just a little under the surface
  • comes from the heart

But voice isn’t just found in language either, but also in other media such as illustrations, cartoons, art, film, theatre, music and more.

So in the spirit of exploring writer’s voice, here are three pieces of music to inspire imagery and creative writing in your classroom this week.

Give each student a blank piece of paper (or use a blank page in their writer’s notebooks) and encourage them to respond to the music in whatever way they wish. Do they want to write? Draw? Leave it up to them. Play the music with no images so writers can swim around in their imaginations.

When the music ends, you could discuss the mood and atmosphere of the piece. Does the mood change during the piece of music? How did the piece of music make you feel? If this piece of music had a voice, what would it say? Did it speak to you? What pictures did you see in your mind while the piece of music was playing?

I usually like to allow writers to listen to the same piece of music again. This second time, I encourage them to use words to capture what they see, feel and hear when the music is playing. Any words, arranged any way they like. Prose. Narrative. Poetry. Here is their challenge – to match the voice of the music using language.



One of the members of The Writer’s Club first inspired me to try this activity. You can read Tate’s poem here. 

The Writer’s Club starts in Oakleigh and Melbourne in the first week of March. Our four week program is titled ‘Discovering Your Writer’s Voice.’


After 25 years teaching experience, from Early Childhood to VCE, Beth Cregan combined her passion for books, writing and storytelling to launch ‘Write Away With Me’. Now in its fourth year, Write Away With Me offers a wide range of original and creative storytelling and writing workshops across Victoria. Our high energy workshops cover a wide range of writing styles/genres and a flexible approach, means we can tailor the experience to match the needs of your students and your school. Interested in booking a workshop for your class? Check out our range of storytelling and writing workshops today! Workshops for secondary classes and professional development are also available.

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