The Gallery of Living Statues

08 May


This week marked the start of term 2 at The Writer’s Club.  We launched our new writing project for the term titled: Living Statues: Bringing Your Story To Life. 

I though I’d share The Gallery of Living Statueswith you. This gallery of images was the springboard we used to introduce the project. We played with words, created stories together and generated lots of creative ideas.

We spent 75 mins playing with ideas (and writing, of course!) with no great pressure to come up with a story at this stage. Just playing. Allowing time for creative juices to flow is an important part of the writing process, especially for young writers.

Here’s one of the activities we used to explore character and writer’s voice.

For the next five minutes you will have the magic power to hear the voice of one of these statues. They will be able to communicate with you and only you. It is your task to write down everything the statue tells you. What they are thinking. What they are feeling. Anything and everything they have to say.

Set the timer for five minutes. Go.

Allow time to share as young writers learn more from each other than we ever imagine.



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