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23 Nov

There are so many talented young writers at ‘The Writer’s Club’ in Parkdale and Oakleigh so I thought it was high time you had the opportunity to meet them. This week, our Writer of the Week Award goes to Kim-Mai Harwood. Kim – Mai is in Grade 1 and has been coming to  The Writer’s Club (Parkdale) since May 2012. She has completed some fantastic stories this year but her picture book deserves a special mention. Award winning illustrator of ‘The Glasshouse’-  Jo Thompson, sparked our interest in picture books earlier this term. Kim – Mai worked hard to create a story that would appeal to young children (and parents too!) I think she has achieved this goal rather perfectly. As the mother of two girls who did their fair share of crying as babies, Kim- Mai’s story made me laugh out loud.  The genre is listed as Fairy Tails. ( I know right? Too cute for words!) And the story is titled –

Stop That Baby Crying

Once upon a time, there was a mum that had a baby. The baby’s name was Rosey. Rosey cried and cried. Rosey kept on crying.

Mum thought about how to stop Rosey from crying so she gave her a sleep…but that didn’t work. Rosey woke up crying.

Next she gave her a warm bath…but that did not work! Rosey didn’t like water. She cried and cried.

Next she held the baby and rocked her…but that did not work!

Next she changed her nappy…but that did not work!

Last of all, she gave her a favourite toy…but that did not work. Rosey cried and cried.

Mum stopped and said, “What can I do?” Mum made herself a hot chocolate ( for all the hard work!) As she was putting in the milk, she stopped and said excitedly, “The milk! I can give her the milk.”

She forgot about the hot chocolate and got the baby’s cup and poured some milk into it and gave it to Rosey.

Rosey stopped crying. Mum jumped for joy and they lived happily ever after.

Kim-Mai’s illustrations are wonderful too but you will need to click on the image to get the best view! Well done Kim-Mai – this is a great story.












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  1. Jo Thompson commented 8 years ago

    What a wonderful story, Kim-Mai. I love the line “Rosey woke up crying.” Your illustrations are fantastic, too. You’ve obviously worked hard to create such a terrific picture book. Congratulations : )

  2. Melissa commented 8 years ago

    What a beautiful story, and one that I can relate to after having a baby that cried and cried! Well done Kim-Mai :)

  3. Nanna and granddad Harwood commented 8 years ago

    Well done Kim Mai – a swimmer, a violinist, a great reader of stories (to her young brothers) and now a writer. We are just so proud of you.

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