Writer of The Week – Meet Mia!

04 Dec

Mia Henwood is 8 years old. She attended the very first workshop at ‘The Writer’s Club’ (Parkdale) in April 2012 and is still going strong! Last month, Mia won  the second prize (for her age group) in the Kingston Council’s ‘Spring Into Writing Competition’. This didn’t come as a surprise to any of us here at The Writer’s Club! Mia is a talented writer and loves creating interesting characters and twisty plots. She especially likes writing stories that ‘make your tummy go funny’! Mia wrote this story as part of our term three program – ‘The Quest For Adventure’. She credits her love of history and her dolls as the inspiration behind her winning story – ‘Caroline’s Parent Chase’ Enjoy!

Caroline’s Parent Chase

Caroline and Mr and Mrs Abbott were walking when Caroline said,

“Look a singing competition! Can I join?”

“Yes, let’s all go and join in,” said Mr Abbott.

When they went in, Caroline recognised a name on the list. It was Kaya. Kaya bullied all the girls in Caroline’s competition talk club which included Grace, Gemma, Harper, Jasmine and Annabelle. The next day was Monday. There were five days until the competition and Caroline was ready. She practised in a private singing class at ‘Mrs. Courtney’s Singing School’. But one night, Kaya came and trapped Caroline’s parents and took them to the ‘Star of History’ – a place far far away. When Caroline noticed they were gone, she packed her backpack and left. In her backpack there was a notebook, a pencil and a picture of her mum and dad. After she had found the portal, she went through and ended up at Kit’s 1934 Great Depression Time Capsule. She said hello to Kit and her family. Then she travelled to Molly’s bomb practice and (with Molly and her family), she learnt what to do when a bomb comes. Then she headed off to save her parents. At Marie – Grace’s orphanage, she asked Marie Grace if she had any parents.

Marie Grace replied, “Yes! Two!” So Caroline went off to find them too. But Kaya’s friend, Pepper, tied Caroline to a fishing rod and cut off her beautiful hair. Caroline wanted to call Marie – Grace but Pepper and Kaya had put a poisonous breathing mask on her so she would eventually die. But Marie- Grace came running and saved Caroline’s parents. Pepper tried to stop her but Marie Grace got to Caroline too and freed her before she died. Caroline and her parents got home eventually and they went and won the singing competition.

The End


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