About Write Away With Me

After 25 years teaching experience, from Early Childhood to VCE, I combined my passion for books, writing, storytelling and creative thinking to launch ‘Write Away With Me’. Now in its third year, Write Away With Me offers a wide range of original and creative storytelling and writing workshops across Victoria. Our regular programs include:

Short Writing Courses

During the term, I run a range of writing courses for children from Grade 3 – 6. It’s an opportunity for young writers to belong to a passionate community of young writers, willing to support and challenge each other as they unravel the writing process. Children Have the opportunity to experiment with genres and writing techniques, develop their creativity and confidence and best of all, have fun!

The Writer’s Masterclass

The Writer’s Masterclass gives children (aged 7-13 years) the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Melbourne’s most popular children’s authors, illustrators, poets and artists. This is a full day holiday program featuring a masterclass workshop with both of our guest presenters and the opportunity to participate in The Q&A Panel. Adam Wallace, Jackie Kerin, Michael Wagner and Leigh Hobbs have presented at The Writer’s Masterclass.

Storytelling and Writing Workshops

We offer 8 storytelling workshops for students from Early Childhood through the primary years and 12 original writing workshops for children in Preps to Year 6. Our high energy workshops cover a wide range of writing styles/genres and our flexible approach, means we can tailor the experience to match the needs of your students and your school.

Professional Development

Our Professional Development Program is becoming popular for teachers, parents and a range of professionals who work closely with children.


Our monthly newsletter and regular blog posts appeal to both parents and teachers and are well received both in Australia and internationally.