Be Your Own Self

07 Mar

At the moment, I am busy writing a leadership seminar for 12 year old students. I really want these students to ‘hear’ the voices of inspiring leaders and I thought this might just be possible by incorporating personal letters written by leaders to their friends and family. What might these letters (if they exist…)  tell a group of young students about great leadership? And so I went in search of this buried treasure amongst the trillion entries in Google, and as so often happens, before I knew it, a wonderful letter from Ray Bradbury surendipitously appeared in my inbox, courtesy of Sarah Wilson. You can visit Sarah’s blog . I loved this first letter and its wonderful advice for children and adults alike. Love what you love. Be your own self.

  1. Veronica Moran commented 9 years ago

    Love the idea of sourcing personal letters as a powerful teaching resource. Would love to hear more about the leadership course you are presenting

  2. Kerrie McLoughlin commented 9 years ago

    Wish someone had told me this when I was a kid of 12!!!! So impressionable at that age … I remember Diary of Anne Frank, The Outsiders and caring for a baby hardboiled egg. “Be your own self” would have been awfully helpful. It’s taken me til the age of 39 to figure it out!

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