After School Programs

The Writer’s Club

During the term, across two Melbourne venues, children from Grade 2 – 6 come together to share their love of words and writing. It’s an opportunity for them to belong to a passionate community of young writers, willing to support and challenge each other as they unravel the writing process. Each week, children experiment with genres and writing techniques, develop their creativity and confidence and best of all, have fun!

The Writer’s Masterclass

Are you looking for creative and inspiring holiday activities for your children? The Writer’s Masterclass gives children (aged 7-13 years) the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Melbourne’s most popular children’s authors, illustrators, poets and artists. This is a full day program featuring a masterclass workshop with both of our guest presenters and the opportunity to ask questions and be part of The Q&A Panel.

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Storytelling Workshops ( Early Childhood to Primary)

Write Away With Me offers a variety of interactive storytelling workshops where children not only share a love of language and literature, but are encouraged to develop their own storytelling talents! Workshops may include a combination of oral storytelling, drama, performance skills and poetry and can be tailored to your group of children. Oral storytelling engages children in a fun filled and imaginative learning experience where both the teller and the listener create something magical.

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Writing Workshops (Primary Years)

Write Away With Me offers a variety of original literacy workshops to challenge students and further develop their creativity, writing and thinking skills while giving their imagination a work out! Workshops can vary from single sessions with a whole class to term length programs designed especially for your school. Workshops are also designed to link into V.E.L.S objectives and curriculum guidelines. Teachers are encouraged to be actively involved and suggestions for follow up activities are provided for all workshops.

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Free Resources

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Professional Development

Write Away With Me presents a series of Professional Development Workshops for teachers (Early Childhood /Primary), carers and parents.

Subject areas may include:

  • The Storytelling Experience: Storytelling in Effective Curriculum Delivery
  • Inside Story: Narrative Structures and Storytelling Styles
  • Bringing Stories To Life
  • Storytelling for children with special needs
  • Creative Writing Adventures – Great Ideas for Literacy Programs
  • Philosophy through Literature: Creating a Community of Enquiry

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